Thursday, March 28, 2013

Australia + Animals!

Coming all the way to Australia and going home without seeing a kangaroo or koala would have been a small tragedy.

A few days ago I got to see both in the wild - amazing.

We stopped just off the road and this little guy was no more than 5 feet above my head.

He slept like this for a while and I kept thinking he was going to roll right off the tiny branch.

His sleeping friend.

Claws! They have massive claws!

I'm not sure what this bird is, but I don't see them in parks at home.


So this is what I really wanted to see. Some guy told me "Oh yeah Mate - they are everywhere!" and in my head I thought "Yeah RIGHT you are just saying that."

Except he was right - you just have to look at sunset and in the right place. It is hard to see in this photo - but at the edge of the dark green tall grass there are dozens of kangaroos. I think I saw at least 100.

I tried really hard to get pictures of them hopping & boxing each other (both of which I saw and heard!) but I may have failed at capturing this.

Helloooooooo kangaroos!!

Seeing the kangaroos in the wild will be something I will remember always as a very special day.


Beth said...

That roo in the last picture is totally checking you out!!! How awesome that you got to see these guys and all the other fun animals!

Chris said...

Its a Cocatoo or a lot of aussies would call it a Galar ( if someone is being silly you would say " you bloody galar )

Matt said...

other than the snake its pretty darn cool!

kT said...

I lived in Australia for a full year and NEVER saw a koala in the wild--I'm so jealous!

Damie said...

I love this so much!


you have me beat... I never saw any Aussie wild life during our trip 21 years ago, just naked Germans on the beach up at the Great Barrier Reef... (they should have kept their clothes on)